Stay (Fashionable) At Home Orders

Weeks can now feel like one long day and days can feel as long as weeks. Stay-at-home orders have been announced and it’s really setting in: life at home is the new normal. Working/living/cooking/socializing all at home means giving up a lot of things. Strolling the farmer’s market in springtime, seeing your nephew’s first steps, eating at the best new restaurant (or any restaurant), attending your sister’s wedding (at least in person; it’s now on Zoom), going to the opening of the play your co-worker has been working on…the list goes on from big to small. At Jean Theory, we know the lift to your day that you get from coming in to our store and we know that you’re missing that, too. (Though we are still open for one-on-one appointment shopping and would love to see you…safely!)

You know that little thrill of seeing yourself in something new? Remember how fun it is to browse and try on new clothes, become a slightly different version of yourself in a dressing room? We remember it, too, and still think it’s an important part of self-care, even in quarantine. That’s why we invented the staycation box. We know this isn’t exactly “staycation” (it’s a scary pandemic), but if you and yours are healthy, it can sometimes feel like that. Since you can’t come see us in the store, we’re coming to you in the form of a curated box of clothes. Even though date night has now become yet another beans-for-dinner night in sweats with your honey and going out on Saturday now consists of opening a bottle of wine and Zooming your friends, we still believe in the power of clothes to make you feel good.

And if you don’t want to keep all the fun just for yourself, consider these five reasons why this makes the greatest present ever:

  1. Everything in the box is focused on comfort. Think: athleisure. If you can’t hug your best friend right now, don’t you want her to be hugged by a sweet plush sweatshirt from Sundry??!
  2. If you buy yourself a box and send your mom one too, you can virtually shop together. Open the boxes at the same time on Zoom and try on your new outfits. It’s just like prom dress shopping with her when you were in high school, except for this time, all the clothes are comfortable and you don’t have braces.
  3. You need new Instagram content to look at! Send your sister a box and then tell her to get her newly-clad butt on Instagram to post a WFH OOTD. She’s happy and your feed is updated.
  4. It’s Aries season for your coronavirus horoscope. The zodiac stops for no man and no coronavirus. Aries season means that everyone is feeling the desire to Get. More. Done. What makes YOU feel more accomplished than sending the best gift package to your new Zoom-wedding sister-in-law? We can’t think of anything.
  5. Spreading joy is the best way to make the world a little brighter. Sending a staycation box is like sending a little baby angel made of high quality cotton and soft Tencel out into the world to make it better.
And…reason #6? It’s fun for us to act as your premium denim personal shoppers (you tell us what you’re looking for in the order form). Almost as fun as it is for you and yours to get a gift at home.
Ready for your staycation box?
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