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New Season, New Closet

New Season, New Closet

Ever wake up on a day in April and you can just feel that it’s time to tear through your closet and clean it out? The day of Marie Kondo reckoning. The moment you’ll finally master Project 333. We know this day. It happens to us every few months.

It’s no fun to just throw away old things without something exciting taking their place, so we don’t just tear through the closet, we rebuild into a capsule collection. What exactly is that? It’s a collection of anywhere from 33-50 versatile pieces that work as a mini wardrobe for a season. Really paring down that closet. This Marie Kondo on steroids vibe is just what we like. It’s also how we think about buying for our store: we curate a selection of items that are timeless but trendy, seasonally or multi-seasonally perfect and all could be combined to create myriad cute outfits.

A capsule collection rests on staple pieces, those timeless classics that are good for everyone to have. We believe wholeheartedly that a few great pairs of jeans (fancy, casual, classic) are extremely important, as is the perfect t-shirt, a great sweater, a top you love to go out in, a dress that makes you feel pretty, the perfect jacket. Since it’s getting warmer, we also think denim shorts and a floaty dress make it on to the list of spring/summer classics.


Here are the steps to your new wardrobe:


  • First you have to decide what to keep. Marie Kondo says to take a moment to commune with each item and decide if it sparks joy. Or you can think about what you haven’t worn for six months. If you’re unsure about certain items, put them in a designated part of your closet. If you reach for them over the next month, move it to the main section of your closet and keep it. If you don’t, it’s time to say goodbye.


  • Next, find a color palette that you love. Stick to five or so colors—one option we’re loving is light blue, tanned leather brown, turmeric, army green, and white. Narrowing down your color palette means that all of your items will be easily able to be combined with all of the other items in your closet.


  • Then, think about lifestyle. Are you a drinks on the patio kind of woman, or are you all about a fancy downtown dinner? Use your calendar as a guide. Look at last May and see what your days looked like. This is the time to curate things you’ll be wearing day in and day out. You want to make sure they work for you.


  • Finally, think about what you’re actually wearing right now. We’re inside, wearing comfy clothes, so our capsule collection will have a lot more quarantine basics than we thought it would. We’re thinking new leggings, t-shirts, comfy joggers.


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