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The Best Jeans For Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Jeans For Your Zodiac Sign


Hey girl, what’s your sign?  No, we’re not trying to pick you up, we’re asking because depending on your sign, we can help you find the right pair of jeans. Read on to find your next pair of jeans based on the characteristics of your sign. 


You’re the first, young sign of the Zodiac. Bold and ambitious, you need something as fiery as you are. Enter the cult favorite phenomenon, Moussy. Vintage inspired but oh so forward looking, they’re perfect for you. The Moussy Vintage Bowie Tapered: Blu is going to be your new favorite. 


If we know anything about you, Taurus, it's that you’re the guru of relaxation. Lover of a long nap, a perfect snack on the couch, a serene spa day, you need a jean that’s stretchy, comfy and as good for relaxing as it is for running around town (only running to, you know, stock up on more face masks and Haribos). The DL1961 Mara: Titan is for you. 


They say that Gemini was so interested in so many things that she had to double herself. The curious wearer of many hats, you need a jean that can match your multiple pursuits. The Citizen Rocket: Plush Black is for you. It’s comfortable, a little sexy, and ready for anything from a date night to a work meeting. 


Highly intuitive Cancer can sometimes be picked on for having a tough shell. But we know you’re a softie on the inside, so empathetic that it's hard for you to not pick up on everyone else’s emotions. We think you need a jean that's receptive and soft, something that’s a little bit more serene than black but with a little more depth than a classic blue. The Trave Blake: Touch of Grey jeans are the ones for you.


You’re the queen of the zodiac and you are not at all afraid to show it. Known for your big personality and love of the theatrical, you need a jean that’s going to have you catching looks no matter where you’re strutting your stuff. The audacious Hudson Barbara: Python are definitely your style. 



Our earthy, grounded Virgo. You of the logical realm, always pragmatic and striving for perfect excellence. You need a jean that’s as much of a work horse as you are and isn’t too trendy or showy. The Paige Hoxton Skinny: Brentwood is a jean that will work in any context for years to come. 



As a Libra, you’re known to never leave the house without looking your absolute impeccable best. You’re also a lover of harmony, always seeking to balance those scales. We think your fashion choices should take balance into consideration, too. Trave Colette Kick Flare: Touch of Grey is for you: a jean in perfect proportions.



No one can ever be totally sure what’s going on in a Scorpio’s mind. Passionate, sensual, and above all, mysterious, you embody the phrase still waters run deep. Your jeans should hint at all that’s underneath. The Citizens of Humanity Elsa: Monochrome is a jean with a wash that’s as enigmatic as you are. 



You’re the fire sign that’s always in the race for new knowledge. You’re enterprising and more than a little bit rebellious. You need denim that’s rough and tumble and ready for anything you throw it’s way. The distressed GRLFRND Helena: Ready to Go are for you. 



Capricorn, you’re as grounded and strong willed as anyone we know. When you pair your hallmark ambition with your equally powerful discipline, there’s nothing you can’t do. Just like there’s nothing a good black jean can’t do. Take it from cool with a leather jacket to polished with a blazer. You can't go wrong with the Citizens Harlow Ankle: Plush Black.



A visionary in your circles, you, Aquarius are everyone’s best friend. You’re progressive in your views, always ushering in a new way of being and your reign hearkens back to the 60s when the Age of Aquarius was celebrated. Your jeans should celebrate you like a true hippie would. The Citizens of Humanity Chloe: Dedication are very you



The last sign in the zodiac, you’ve learned everything that came before you and because of that you’re wise but also dreamy. You’re pulled between fantasy and reality. The jeans that will speak to you need to have a little flair of the mystical. The J Brand Joan: Quintessential are yours.


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