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Halloween 2020 Inspo

Halloween will be decidedly different this year. But it’s still a holiday and it’s still fun to eat candy and put on a costume, even if that just means you sit on your porch and call to your neighbors from across the yard. Every year we end up buying things we use for one night a year and then throw in a bin somewhere and never look at again. 

So we got to thinking...what if our costumes didn’t have to be one-and-done pieces? What if they could instead be a reason to invest in some pieces we really love (that would also double as making us look like something else for an evening)? 

Here’s a guide to some of our ideas for how to mix Jean Theory solid, sexy basics with the one night throwdown of Halloween. (Psst: Click on the link in the title of each section for a curated collection of everything you need to complete the look.)




We know the classic cat costume can be a little tired, but who can blame us when it’s still so cute! We like a big cat variation on the theme, with a Tiger costume that goes either black and white with the Pam & Gela Boyfriend Shirt: Tiger or orange and black with the Bella Dahl Button Down: Copper. Pair with Paige Sarah Slim jeans in Black Willow and orange cat ears and you’re all set. 




Throw on this silky, beautiful top from Nation and these shades from Chimi. The Butterscotch color looks just like a perfectly ripe pumpkin and will complement your wardrobe long after those Jack-O-Lantern eyes fade.  





The Outsiders

We love the classic book/film duo of The Outsiders. They are, after all, the epitome of cool. Be as cool as them in the Perfect White Tee Harley crew neck, classic straight GRLFRND Bobbi jeans, the Hudson Trucker jean jacket and a pack of gum made to look like Marlboros stuffed up your sleeves. Someone might even call you Cherry.



Freudian Slip

This one is provocative, intellectual, a little bit sexy and so easy. Riff on the idea of a Freudian slip of the tongue, but wearing a slip dress decorated with all the things Freud thought were going on in our subconscious. The Stateside Cupro Slip Dress is the perfect backdrop for things like Oedipal Complex, Aggression, Libido, Complex. 





Off Duty Ballerina

If you want to be super comfy and make your kids happy by getting into the spooky spirit, we think the off-duty ballerina is about as good as it gets. Pair a Agolde Rib Tank with an XL Kitsch scrunchie, a comfy LA made Aria Cardigan and rolled-down Hard Tail yoga pants. Throw a pair of ballet slippers on and you’ll look like you just came from a practice session for Swan Lake. 





If you need an easy way to remind yourself about social distancing this Halloween, why not be a cowgirl and bring your own six foot lasso with you? The Rails Hunter: Orchid Lake plaid button down paired with classic Levi’s Wedgie jeans and the Wyeth Riley Panama hat will make you look like the coolest cowgirl this side of the Mississippi. And as if you needed an excuse, this might be the right “reason” to “have to” get yourself those Kork Ease boots you’ve been coveting. You can pass them off as cowboy boots for one night, we promise. 





The most classic of Halloween costumes: The Ghost. Don't use a sheet or some old Hanes t-shirt this year. Find a stunning all-white look so you can be a ghostly presence at whatever weird ghost-of-a-halloween we'll be experiencing this year. Want it in one comfy piece? Try the Sundays Zen Dress with some white Supergas. Or pair Hudson Barbara Ankle jeans in white with a 360 Cashmere Moselle sweater. 

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