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Why We Put Ours On

Why We Put Ours On

Waking up every morning to yet another day of quarantine can make the world feel like Groundhog Day and that sameness can make it seem pointless to get dressed up. And when we say dressed up, we only mean to say, changing out of our pajamas (the standards have lowered, and quickly!).


While during the first two weeks or so of stay-at-home, wearing sweats and big comfy socks and that tried-and-true college t-shirt felt like pure bliss, a la Zoe Kravitz drinking in her tub in the new show High Fidelity, it’s starting to make us feel a little bit more like a crazy shut-in. When does comfort become too much? We think it started at about day 16.

We’re now going the Diane Keaton route: mask on, gloves on, and most importantly JEANS on. We never thought the day would come where the mere act of putting on pants is enough to make a day feel like a special one, but I guess 2020 is bringing us lots of firsts.

At Jean Theory, we’ve always known how great a good pair of jeans can make you feel, but with quarantine making it harder and harder to feel positive, that great feeling has become even more important. So…put on some pants, maybe take a walk around the neighborhood or just a walk around the house. We promise you’ll start to feel just a tiny bit more like yourself.

And PS: if you’re feeling more like Chrissy Teigen trying and failing to find some alone time in her beautiful…is it a robe? is it a dress?...but still want to put on real clothes, we’ve got a lot of floaty spring dresses in the store. Might we recommend the Stillwater Maxi?


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