The Story of Jean Theory:

Some changes come gradually, little by little, over time. Others come in a flash. The idea for Jean Theory was one of those flashes. I was driving up the South Carolina coast, traveling to visit family up North. The windows were down, my favorite classic rock station on, and the highway open. I had carved out a life for myself by the ocean in South Carolina, something I had dreamed of, but I was starting to feel like I needed a drastic change.

That road trip, and a pair of jeans I had purchased in NYC nearly a decade before, altered the course of my life. Like many women, I spent years on a seemingly endless hunt for not just a great pair of jeans, but THE jeans. Jeans I loved, jeans I WANTED to put on, jeans that would make me feel like I could conquer the world or at the very least my day. Maybe a little dramatic. Maybe a tall order for a cotton garment. But I had been taught to stand my ground and to never settle. So when I stepped into a denim boutique in Soho, where a salesperson was able to hear what I needed and find me that perfect pair, I was struck.

It wasn't long after I returned to the beach that I decided to recreate my Soho experience for other women. And after a few more road trips, and falling in love with Charlottesville, I signed a lease on a storefront on the historic downtown mall and began my big project. With the help of a couple close friends, Jean Theory was coined as a riff on “gene theory,” because we think your jeans should fit you as closely and intuitively as the genes you were born with. Except with our jeans, you get to choose how you inherit them - be it from one of our designers, or a customer who has sold back to our "inherited" collection.

Jean Theory isn't just about premium denim; it’s about expertise in denim fit. My Soho experience taught me that a team of knowledgeable buyers and staff are the backbone of a good denim store. I Jean Theory:'s first buyer and salesperson. I spent the first year learning about all of the best brands. I slept in the back of the store. I took buses up to New York for market and immediately got on the next bus back down to Charlottesville.

Today we carry more than 70 styles of denim from the most recognized designers, alongside a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories. Because we want your whole outfit to be perfect, not just your jeans. We have ten years of experience and a whole staff of people who are crazy passionate about their work and their community. We have customers who trust us to make them look and feel good. And I am forever grateful for all of it.


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