The Story of Jean Theory:

When we opened our doors in 2009, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. 

Jean Theory: wasn't necessarily a life long dream...not at that point... it was more of a solution to a problem. How can I find jeans that fit, what do I do with the jeans I no longer love, and what am I going to do with the rest of my life? All equally important questions. 

The concept was born on a road trip, as most great ideas are; yet we were in a recession and I was advised to not be taking such risks.  But I've never been a rule follower and recession or no recession, we still needed jeans.  

I wanted to create an atmosphere where people felt safe - to try on jeans, to be themselves, to stretch their boundaries.  I wanted to empower women.  

I wanted to take the guess work out of finding the perfect fitting jeans, and I wanted to offer easy access to all the things that should go with them - from the tee shirt to the boots to the boyfriend (seriously).  

And after sleeping in the back of the store for the first three months, and round trip bus rides to NYC in 36 hours to go to market without having the store closed one hour longer than absolutely necessary; and having the best friends anyone could ask for to move the store three times until we found our exact perfect spot in Downtown Charlottesville, VA,  Jean Theory: is now home to: 

More than 70 styles of denim from the top-selling designers.
A carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories of timeless styles from brands we believe in.
People I love. Staff who are passionate about their work, their community, and finding your perfect fit.  Customers who believe in themselves and in us.

We travel to New York three times a year to carefully select and bring you only the best pieces from each designer, and after almost 10 years in the industry, and fitting thousands of women, we're pretty darn good at it.  

So why "Jean Theory:?"  I'm kind of a geek when it comes to developing concepts and naming things.  It's a play on the term "gene theory" - the idea that our genes are passed down or "inherited."  And of course we want you to own only things you love (because we're obsessed with the book about sparking joy).  So if you have jeans you don't love, and they meet a long list of criteria (because while we love denim, we're also super picky about it), we'll buy them from you and add them to our "Inherited" Collection. 


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